Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Island Components Stainless Steel Access Door And Drawer

Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Island Components Stainless Steel Access Door And Drawer

Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Island Components Stainless Steel Access Door And Drawer

Great Looking 7 size BBQ Doors! There is 304 stainless steel double walled doors for your outdoor kitchen, polished handles, flush mount frame.

China made 304 commerical grade stainless steel doors finished by PCM. These doors are finished to match all major brands of grills.

The slide out trash can uses heavy duty slides and comes with two rubbermaid commercial trash liners for easy recycling/cleaning. These units are the perfect compliment to the HBI deluxe door series. Enclosed cabinets are the perfect solution for under grill storage. These doors feature double-lined construction, all Stainless 304 grade material, 3 way adjustable cabinet hinges, and polished chrome handles.

Raised bezel compliments the look of other top quality appliances installed in your outdoor kitchen. Notes: The double doors front are double walled All my handles from all my items are 100% stainless steel, and they all match. My products are professional grade, the same quality you will find an a commercial kitchen, very durable. The access doors adopt stainless steel, the same quality grade of the commercial kitchen.

The chest of drawers apply premium 201 stainless steel for anti-rust and good insulation to protect things in good condition. The access doors have hidden hinges for stability, with magnets on top and bottom. Louvered vents are designed to allow air ventilation. The fully enclosed boxes of drawers is moisture-proof, making storage safer.

No need to install, use it at any time, meet the daily use of the family. Finish to match all major brands of grills. These doors and chest of drawers are of reasonable size, easy suit in your kitchen. Varieties of sizes of doors and chest of drawers are available, choose the best size for your home! With overall silver bright appearance and elegant finish, dust-proof and moisture-proof. Especially suitable for outdoor kitchens and different weather conditions (rainy or sunny).

100% 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Professional grade, the same quality grade of the commercial kitchen, very durable Finish to match all major brands of grills.

Rust resistant- perfect for outdoor kitchens and weather condition. 1.1/2 SQUARE MODERN frame, 100% stainless steel handles and items Double Walled Construction for sturdier feel. The quantity of the door: Double.

14"Hx20"W Single Door Outside Dimensions: 508(W)X356(H)X30(D)mm/20(W)X14(H)X1.18(D)inch Internal Door Dimensions: 444(W)X293(H)X20(D)mm/17.5(W)x11.5(H)x0.8(D)inch 20"Hx14"W Single Door Outside Dimensions: 356(W)x508(H)x30(D)mm/14(W)X20(H)X1.18(D)inch Internal Door Dimensions: 293(W)X439(H)X20(D)mm/11.5(W)x17.3(H)x0.8(D)inch 24"Hx17"W Single Door Outside dimensions: 435(W)X610(H)X35(D)mm/17(W)x24(H)x1.38(D)inch Internal Door Dimensions: 371(W)X547(H)X20(D)mm/14.6(W)x21.54(H)x0.8(D)inch 24"Hx24"W Double Door Overall Dimensions: 610(W)X610(H)X40(D)mm/24(W)x24(H)x1.57(D)inch Internal Single Door Dimensions: 274(W)X546(H)X20(D)mm/10.8(W)x21.5(H)x0.8(D)inch 19"Hx28W" Double Door Outside Dimensions: 710(W)X482(H)X30(D)mm/28(W)x19(H)x1.18(D)inch Internal Single Door Dimensions: 418(W)X317(H)X20(D)mm/16.5(W)x12.5(H)x0.8(D)inch 21"Hx30.5"W Double Door Overall Dimensions: 778(W)X535(H)X35(D)mm/30.6(W)x21(H)x1.38(D)inch Internal Single Door Dimensions:356(W)X471(H)X20(D)mm/14(W)x18.5(H)x0.8(D)inch 24"Hx31"W Double Door Outside Dimensions: 788(W)X610(H)X30(D)mm/31(W)x24(H)x1.18(D)inch. Internal Single Door Dimensions: 356(W)X545(H)X20(D)mm/14(W)x21.5(H)x0.8(D)inch. 14.38'HX14'W Double Drawer. Product Size(WHD) : 14 (W) x 14.38 (H) x 22.8(D) Inch. Cutout Size(WHD) : 11.6 x 12 x 22.2 Inch.

18'HX15'W Double Drawer. Product Size(WHD) : 15 (W) x 18 (H) x 20.5(D) Inch. Cutout Size(WHD) : 12.6 x 15.6 x 20.1 Inch.

23'HX18'W Triple Drawer. Product Size(WHD) : 18 (W) x 23 (H) x 23.2(D) Inch. Cutout Size(WHD) : 15.6 x 20.6 x 22.7 Inch. 20.25'HX14'W Triple Drawer.

Product Size(WHD) : 14 (W) x 20.25 (H) x 23.2(D) Inch. Cutout Size(WHD) : 11.6 x 17.9 x 22.8 Inch. 1 X Stainless Steeel BBQ door/Drawer 1 X Screwdriver 1 X Handle. We offer detailed product descriptions and images to give you a real advantage in finding the products you're looking for. All items are dispatched from our warehouse in HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA.

Some products may be dispatched in more than one carton. If you have a problem with the product. We will require a picture of the damaged part for verification. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Outdoor Heating, Cooking & Eating\Barbecue & Grill Replacement Parts".

The seller is "fansdealonline" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.

Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Island Components Stainless Steel Access Door And Drawer

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